Bearing Plates

The ‘Bearing Plates’ have been designed to provide additional bearing, usually where beams join end to end on a narrow wall.

In circumstances where beams cannot be stitched on a 100mm support, the use of a ‘Bearing Plate’ will increase the bearing to 200mm, thus allowing 100mm bearing per beam end. This is a highly cost effective and area saving solution as opposed to widening block work partitions beneath to 215mm or introducing additional steel work supports.

The ‘Bearing Plate’ is to be laid onto the 100mm – 140mm block work support beneath, allowing for the beams to be laid directly onto the unit, continuation of the floor installation can then resume. Care must be taken to grout all metal fittings in well and position these in the dry zone above the DPC.

The ‘Bearing Plate’ is to be used only when designed by Litecast, therefore we will provide a full design and guarantee, as well as stipulating a supplying the correct quantity of ‘Bearing Plates’ to suit your requirements.

Our reference code for this product is detailed below:

150mm Bearing Plate - ANC-BP




225mm Bearing Plate - ANC-BP225



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