Litecast GT(2)

Litecast's latest innovation in thermal flooring. A system that's built for speed, whilst offering outstanding thermal and structural performance. A beam and polystyrene flooring solution that does not require an additional layer of sheet insulation. U-values ranging from 0.18W/m²K to 0.12W/m²K.

Litecast XT

Beam and Polystyrene Blocks, supplied in U Values ranging from 0.08 W/m²K to 0.20 W/m²K. The progressive alternative solution to beam and concrete block flooring in ground floor situations. Our Installation Video for the Litecast XT system is shown below.

Beam and Block Floor

Beam and Concrete Block floor, to be used at either ground or upper floor levels. The well known suspended flooring solution.

Robust Upper Floor

Comply with Robust Detail using our tray tile system at upper floor levels. Providing good sound resistance, fire resistance and longevity. The ideal and cost effective alternative to timber upper floors.


The Litecast XT system is the alternative solution to the traditional beam and block floor, omitting the need for concrete blocks and sheet insulation. Please see our Installation Video above for step by step fixing guidelines.

Beam and Pot flooring, meeting Robust Details E-FC-6 and E-FC-7 and Building Regulations Approved Document E

Huge range of Ancillary products to be used in conjunction with our concrete products.­