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  • Beam & Block

    Beam and Block, in 150mm or 225mm depths. To be used in conjunction with transversley tested concrete infill blocks for use within ground or upper floors.

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  • Litecast GT(2)

    The Litecast GT(2) System is the latest innovation in thermally insulated structural ground floors, a completely unique system consisting of 150mm deep pre-stressed concrete beams, polystyrene panels and loadbearing rails.

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  • Litecast XT

    The Litecast XT system is the alternative solution to the traditional beam and block floor, omitting the need for concrete blocks and sheet insulation.

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  • Robust Upper Floors

    Beam and Pot flooring, meeting Robust Details E-FC-6 and E-FC-7 and Building Regulations Approved Document E

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  • Ancillaries

    As well as offering a wide range of precast flooring solutions and concrete products, Litecast also supplies a variety of ancillaries to be used in conjunction with these products.

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