Technical Index

A range of technical specifications for use of Litecast products are detailed below.  Please click through for full details.

  • Finishes for Beam & Block

    Details of use of grout and screed for installation of beam and block products including downloadable installation guides  

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  • Loadspan Guide

    Our loadspan tables shown below will give you guidance as to the depth of Litecast floor beam you can expect.  When it comes designing your new project, whether it be a dream home or complex commercial development we understand the depth of your floor needs to be established at a very early stage.

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  • Infill Block

    Standard infill blocks used to infill between the beams can have densities ranging from 600kg/m³ to 2000kg/m³ to suit thermal or sound requirements.  We note on our quotation the maximum density block to be used with our floor beams, relative to you particular project.

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  • Ventilation

    The current and future requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations along with other standards and regulations have led to an increase in the depth of thermal insulation in suspended floors along with an increase in cavity widths to accommodate greater amounts of cavity wall insulation.

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  • Acoustic

    A Robust Detail for Part E of the Building Regulations has been the status of RD following a minimum of 30 ‘field tests’ where the recorded mean performance was 5 dB better than the sound insulation requirements as described in Approved Document E for new build separating floors...

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