Technical Index

A range of technical specifications for use of Litecast products are detailed below.  Please click through for full details.

  • The Mansfield Project

    Mansfield Project Thumbnail

    The client, architect and builder outline their reasons for using of Litecast's XT floor system and the Beam and Block system on a self build project. 

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  • Imposed Loadings

    Please see Imposed Loadings to Eurocode 1 - BS EN 1991-1-1:2002.  

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  • Psi Values

    Thermal bridges occur at junctions; for instance where walls meet, or where a wall meets a floor or a wall meets a roof, window or door. Generally speaking, they occur in a building where a material with poor insulating properties passes through an insulation system causing a ‘bridge’ for heat to escape.

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  • Downloads

    Please find enclosed a list of downloadable accreditations and documents

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  • Self Weights

    We understand that self weights can be extremely useful, please explore this section to find out more on this subject.

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  • Jargon Buster

    Like any other technical process we enjoy our fair share of jargon so we have collected together the most common terms and phrases in a handy jargon busting list. If you come across anything else you are unsure of please get in touch.

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  • Fire Resistance

    Technical Information is provided here on fire rating specification for different floors including ground floors, intermediate upper floors, separating upper floors including same occupancy and between different occupancies.

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  • Barriers

    All floors should be considered to be in the dry zone in order to maintain durability.  A life span in excess of 150 years should be achievable without any maintenance.  In the case of extreme exposure conditions we can recommend further measures.

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  • Under Floor Heating

    The use of underfloor heating in conjunction with precast concrete floors is highly recommended. There are numerous advantages with this specification combination in using the thermal mass to heat and cool ones living environment and ensure wellbeing.

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  • Finishes for XT floors

    Reinforced Concrete Screed Specifications for XT floors.  Not for use in garages or industrial applications.  All concrete is to be placed a nominal 75/80mm thick.

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