Plinth Extension

The ‘Plinth Extension’ can be used to extend the ‘Dual Telescopic Vent’ horizontally to accommodate a plinth brick situation and provide a clear airflow passage to the void underneath a suspended floor.

The ‘Plinth Extension’ is to be used as the middle unit between the ‘Dual Telescopic Vent’ and the ‘Air Brick’ and can be cut to suit on site to provide the correct extension required.

In abnormal situations the ‘Plinth Extension’ can be trimmed to fit with a Stanley Knife. When used in conjunction with our ‘Dual Telescopic Vent’ & ‘Air Brick’, we will supply a full design and guarantee on the product, stipulating the centres at which the units are to be placed.

When purchased as part of a project we will supply the correct quantity relative to your build. Alternately, we can supply the units in packs with 20 pieces to a pack. Our reference code for this product is ANC-HES.


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