Edge Clips

We supply ‘Edge Clips’ to be used in conjunction with our ‘Litecast XT’ flooring solution. The ‘Edge Clips’ are designed to provide a bearing for the polystyrene blocks around the periphery of the build if required. A well cut block will have suitable support, therefore the ‘Edge Clips’ are not needed, this is solely down to personal preference.

The ‘Edge Clips’ are to be installed at the same bearing level as the floor beam, the Z shaped unit will then drop to the underside of the polystyrene unit to provide additional support, typical usage 2 clips per panel. We have various lengths of ‘Edge Clips’ all designed to specifically suit our different depths of polystyrene units.

When designed in conjunction with our floors, we will provide a complete design and guarantee, stipulating and supplying the correct quantity of ‘Edge Clips’ to suit your floor.­ Alternately we can supply ‘Edge Clips’ in packs of 100. Our reference code for this product is detailed below;

XT20 Edge Clip 150mm –
XT18 Edge Clip 150mm –
XT15 Edge Clip 150mm –
XT12 Edge Clip 150mm –
XT10 Edge Clip 150mm –
XT08 Edge Clip 150mm –
XT12 Edge Clip 225mm –


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