Charity Bike Ride


On the 24th August 2014 a bike ride of 325 miles from Llandudno to Cromer, a journy which is expected to be completed in 3 days.

The chosen charity for the cycle is WaterAid. Please take time to visit Just Giving page, all donations would be extremely welcomed, but mainly and most importantly by WaterAid. We will have blog updates & twitter feeds on a day by day basis for the duration of the ride, with pictures to suit.

So, why WaterAid?  Things we take for granted and consider normaility are not easily accessible to many people around the world. Clean water, sanitation and toilets should be available to everyone, they are not... Imagine having to walk 10 miles to get a clean glass of water... having to walk for 45 minutes just to use a clean toilet... It's unthinkable to many of us, it's a day to day task for others. WaterAid aim to have these three issues sorted by 2030 and your money can help make a difference. 

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